Miserable Mishap

     The heroine, Blossom White, the second of our reluctant virgins, is independent, intelligent and beautiful, a woman who has created an innovative business suited to her unique talent with numbers. She keeps men at a distance with her icy looks thus protecting her emotions until Michael comes into her life. Michael’s forceful character wins her over enough to take a chance on love. Still afraid to give up her identity she wants an affair with him and not marriage. Finally when he sues her for breach of contract she curses the day he walked into her life.

     The hero, Michael James, is a playboy and has a well earned reputation as one, but he’s also wary where women are concerned.Blossom’s innate integrity, her intellect, her beauty, and her ‘hands off ‘ attitude attract his hunter’s instinct and he is determined after their first meeting that she will be his. The biggest obstacle is getting her to see him as a real person and not a tabloid image, and to put her faith and trust in him.    

Awkward Awakening​
Camila Melo, the third of our reluctant virgins, is on her way to Brazil to join an archaeologial expedition. They plan to go into the wilds of the Amazon rain forest searching for a lost city of gold. Her adventure starts in Manaus where she meets up with Professor Ramos and the other members. They plan to meet up with an explorers group made up of millionaires who have hired a boat to take them on the Amazon.
Psychic Cards To A Psychic Self

     Through out history people have been interested in predicting the future. How many decisions in life are made because of hunches or a sixth sense.The knowledge of the future is in ourselves. Card reading helps to focus our minds on our problems often making an unclear situation clearer. A card reader helps by listening to you and helping you to solve your issues with the aid of the cards.They are also entertainers and the cards are used to entertain as well as to predict. The concentration and meditation that is part of a card reading helps to relieve stress and often brings psychological insight. In this book you'll learn to be your own cardreader, your own fortuneteller.

Nina LekKa