The day I was born there was a man hung outside my mother's window. The house faced a square in a small village in Greece. My father rescued my mother and brought his family into the mountains. My mother didn't want to remember that day so on paper I've always been ten months younger than I actually am.

     I'm a former teacher and business woman who finally decided to do what I've always wanted to do and that is write books. I went to Hofstra University for both my B.A. and M.S. degrees and got my C.A.S. from SUNY New Paltz. After I retired I was finally able to follow my dream.

     I'm working on the Reluctant Virgin Series and have finished two of the three books. Each one of my reluctant virgins will star in a series of her own. Alethea Karras, the psychic, will find herself in Greece trying to solve the mystery of a painting that might hold the origins to her heritage. Camila Melo will find herself in Brazil in the Amazon River Adventure and Blossom White will stay in New York in the Hudson River Adventure.

Nina LekKa