Psychic Alethea Karras, has no idea that her current assignment as an insurance investigator will change her life. Hired to find a missing painting, she is wary and at first refuses. With the lure of Athens and a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, she agrees.
    Zachary Artemidis, a millionaire ship owner involved with Interpol, meets Alethea on their flight to Greece. He appears to be this studious, quiet man, but is he? Her telling of his fortune indicates a man with a wild streak who courts danger. Intrigued by her card reading, he’s convinced that she’s a genuine psychic and decides he’d like to know her better. Their erotic joining leads to a psychic link that has them involved in murder and mayhem.
    Together they tackle  an unknown enemy who preys on the helpless. Together they face danger, adventure and an ancient mystery. What secrets are they both keeping? How is a painting with a cryptic message connected to an ancient civilization, and to Alethea? With the threat of a terrible surprise at the Greek Olympics, and a cohort with amnesia that holds the clues to this happening—the pressure is on. 
     This book is an exciting  read with mysteries, lost civilizations, and hot romance.

Reluctant Virgin Series

The reluctant virgin series is about three friends- Alethea Karras, Blossom White and Camila Melo who, though not looking, find their perfect mates. Read about how each does this in their separate books.


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